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  • Cultural Tourism Brightening--The Art of Light and Shadow


    With the gradual popularity of the night tour mode and the success of many scenic spots, the cultural tourism night tour has become a hot-selling model in major tourist attractions and theme parks, and they have chosen to develop the night tour economy. Outdoor scenic spots,

  • Advantages of fiber optic lights compared to traditional lamps


    Fiber optic chandelier is a new type of lamp, with unique shape and individual design, wide creative space, it integrates high-brightness side-emitting plastic optical fiber cable into a bundle, one or both ends are equipped with high-brightness colorful fiber optic light engine,

  • Application of laser fiber in beauty industry


    As a high-quality transmission medium, fiber optic is changing our lives. It promotes the development of the information age, enabling people to surf the Internet and enjoy high-definition TV programs. In the medical field, whether it is large-scale medical diagnostic imaging equipment or implantable medical device products, the "shadow" of glass fiber optic light guide can be seen.

  • Portable Flexible Cystoscope Video Electronic Endoscope


    An endoscope is a lighted tube that goes through the mouth into the stomach or through other natural orifices into the body. Using an endoscope can see lesions that X-rays cannot, so it is very useful for doctors. For example, an endoscopist can look at ulcers or tumors in the stomach and use this to determine the best treatment plan.

  • Classification of custom pattern projection lamps


    The logo film is also called pattern film and gobo film. It is a pattern made by lights. The pattern includes the company's logo, some company slogans, patterns and so on. The LOGO gobo light can project high-quality patterns, texts, etc. anywhere. It can project the business's creativity, new information,

  • Logo projection lamp customization - any pattern can be customized


    Advertising logo projector lights can produce various patterns, mainly serving various stores such as bars, disco bars, coffee shops, KTVs, etc., and can be used as directional lighting in business, such as clothing stores, convenience stores, supermarkets, specialty stores, and can print company logos , used to create lighting effects, used in exhibitions to highlight products or company images.

  • Light curing dental light guide rod


    In the process of oral restoration, photosensitive curing composite resin is often used as a dental filling material in clinic because of its convenient use and good biocompatibility. The photocurable composite resin is a paste before curing, and can be cured rapidly under the irradiation of light in the spectral range of 400 to 500 nanometers.

  • Fiber optic light machine / light source device


    A device that houses a light source for a fiber optic lighting system into a housing is called a light emitter. The cover is made of thin sheet metal or aluminum alloy.