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  • Special effect projectors open the market of “Night Tour”


    In addition to basic lighting, a scenic spot also needs to do basic operations on atmosphere lighting. Cultural tourism lighting projection can allow the scenic spot to open the "night tour" market smoothly. Managers of scenic spot can take these forms into consideration, water pattern with static pattern projection, water pattern with dynamic swimming fish projection, Interactive projection of swimming fish combined with water waves. Let us see the characteristics of these 3 methods.

  • outdoor high-power advertising projection is better than ordinary advertising


    Outdoor advertising media has born various kinds of advertising equipment, outdoor advertising projection lamp is a new type of advertising equipment, but by the favor of major enterprises.

  • When to Choose Glass or Plastic Fiber Optic?


    Glass fiber usually consists of pure glass (SiO2) core and less pure glass or plastic cladding. Plastic fibers typically consist of PMMA (acrylic acid) or polycarbonate cores with silicone cladding. In this article, we cover the differences between glass and plastic fiber and how to determine when it is best to use one over the other. Although similar, they have marked differences in their applications.

  • What are the advantages of our fiber optic light guide rods?


    Innovative fiber optic light guide rods from Giant ensure perfect illumination for instruments in dentistry, endoscopy, liquid level sensing and many other industrial fields. Here are 3 points to show our advantages.

  • Five reasons why glass is best for medical devices


    In terms of light transmission, glass optical fibers have many advantages over plastic optical fibers. Here are five reasons why glass is the best choice for light transmission in medical devices such as endoscopes and dental instruments.

  • Applications of glass fiber optic in lighting


    Using the light transmission function of optical fiber, combining optical fiber with visible light source or laser light source can realize lighting, transmission and control of optical signal and high-power energy. Glass optical fibers can transmit light and images over long distances in tight spaces and hostile environments.

  • Enhancing the Museum Experience with Indoor Custom Gobo Logo Projector


    Everyone probably has a memory of being dragged to a museum as a child. Walking around in silence, staring at static displays and descriptions on cardboard can be a little boring.

  • Fiber Optic vs LED Light : Which is better for swimming pool lighting?


    When purchasing an in-ground pool, there are accessories such as heaters, safety covers, and automatic vacuum cleaners that can be added or replaced over time. What is more, pool lights is also necessary. Both LED and fiber-optic pool lights have the same goal: to illuminate the pool and provide a variety of colors to enhance the atmosphere. Let's take a look at two of the most popular products on the market today to find out which buried pool lamp is better for you.

  • 3 ways to take your home theater to the higher level


    How will you take your home theater to the next level? Let us know in the following tips. If you are considering renovations to build your own home, adding your own home theater is a must! Home theater brings convenience and comfort that can't be matched by the traditional theater experience. Here are 3 ways to make your home theater truly special!