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  • Detail description of multi-branch glass fiber optic bundle


    Multi-branch glass fiber bundles have one-in-multiple-out optical fiber bundle, multi-in-multiple-out optical fiber bundle, etc., and are made of low-loss glass optical fibers.

  • Advertising projection lamp is a modern and novel advertising communication method


    Advertising projector lamp is a modern and novel advertising communication method. Projection advertising uses a high-power projection equipment, using the principle of optical projection, and using a high-brightness light source to project the full-color advertising content on

  • UV Quartz Fiber Optic Bundle


    Quartz fiber optic bundle is used to realize light conduction, light shaping, light homogenization, light collection, and light beam splitting, etc., making your optical system more flexible, simpler, lighter, more stable, and more flexible. It can be equipped with collimating lens and

  • Straight Glass Fiber Optic Light Guide


    According to different needs, different fiber materials can be selected to achieve different functions. High-quality imported glass optical fiber, spectral range: 400-1200nm, can effectively cut off ultraviolet rays High temperature design, can withstand high temperature up to 350 degrees

  • Preparation process of glass optical fiber light guide rod


    The glass fiber optic light guide rod can be widely used in infrared physiotherapy, dental curing machine, etc. The color is black, transparent or other colors; the shape of the end is cylindrical or conical. Diameter φ5, 8, 9.5, 10, 11, 13mm and other specifications; Bending angle and size can be customized according to user requirements;

  • Application of fiber optic lighting in museums


    The Yongling Museum is the only imperial mausoleum in China built above the ground. After more than two months of lighting upgrades, on January 21, the Yongling Underground Palace was unveiled and opened to the public again. It is reported that the lighting upgrade and renovation cost over one million.

  • Fiber optic ceiling light decoration material


    The materials for the decoration of the top surface of the optical fiber are mainly fiber optic materials and light engine. According to the design requirements of the top surface, the optical fibers of the following specifications can be used:

  • Tips to read before installing the fiber optic star ceiling light


    With the improvement of people's living standards and the improvement of people's living environment, the requirements for interior decoration are getting higher and higher. As a new high-tech material, polymer optical fiber has gradually been recognized and applied in the field of decoration.

  • Optical fibers can be pulled into you and me by the artist's hand


    Flynn Talbot from Australia exemplifies his inclusivity. This Full Spectrum is streamlined and designed to evoke feelings of love and celebrate the introduction of same-sex marriage in Australia. Visitors stroking its vertical fiber-optic filaments look like they're plucking heartstrings.