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  • The ever-changing classic fiber optic chandelier


    Optical fiber chandelier is a new type of lamp that is energy-saving and can be artistically shaped. It is colorful, fashionable and gorgeous, full of movement, noble and elegant, and durable.

  • See what lights make swimming pools bright and gorgeous


    This kind of optical fiber lighting kit contains side glow fibre optic bundles. The lamp holder is buried by the pool in advance, and the light source is connected to change the flashing effect of different colors and patterns.

  • Soak up summertime in the starlit swimming pool


    Starlight swimming pool is a special swimming pool realized by installing fiber optic cable kits at the bottom or around the swimming pool. These fiber optic cable kits contain a light source and a fiber optic delivery system that transmits light to the pool floor or pool walls to create a twinkling star effect and give the swimming pool a dreamy atmosphere.

  • Add some visual interest to saunas and spas


    Proper lighting intensity in saunas and spas can go a long way toward providing customers with a good sensory experience, enhancing their overall physical enjoyment and healing. At this time, most high-end places will choose to use the starlight lighting effect made by the end glow optical fiber as the lighting scheme.

  • A special effects projector for any space


    The first type of water wave effect projector can project water flow effect or water wave rolling effect. The projection range can reach 50m-80m in a dark environment. The IP65 waterproof level can also be used in outdoor environments.

  • Does your restaurant have a fiber optic hanging light dropping lamp?


    Fiber optic suspension lighting is a new type of creative lighting.Our fiber optic decorative lights, combined with soft lighting, have the effect of stars shining brightly in the night sky, which can relax and alleviate your stress and anxiety.

  • The Key to Hall Lighting Design - 3D Fiber Optic Chandelier


    Fiber optic chandelier is a new creative lighting. It's un-replace because of its special design and lighting effect.Under the decoration of 3D fiber optic chandeliers, your hall will be elegant and magnificent.

  • Fiber Optic Starlight Kit Embellishes Your Beautiful Life


    People yearn for the eternity and vastness, mystery and romance of the starry sky. If you install the ceiling as a starry sky ceiling, you will have a vast universe when you turn off the lights.

  • Where Can The Fiber Optic Star Light Kit Be Decorated?


    The application range of fiber optic star light kits is very wide, you can use exhibition hall, hotels, meeting room, disco hall, karaoke room, coffee house, upscale clubs, home, car, garden, swimming pool, cinema, later, or baby rooms. Fiber optic star ceiling light suitable for elegant and romantic indoor and outdoor decoration.