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3D Fiber Optic Gazebo Chandelier

The shape of the fiber optic gazebo chandelier is based on the ancient Chinese Song Dynasty pavilion architecture, and it is carefully customized for the Zhejiang Provincial Museum in China. At a glance, it gives people a sense of cultural inheritance.

This 3D Fiber Optic Gazebo Pendant Light, consists of a highly decorative stainless steel corrugated sheet base and premium side-lit fibers, giving the pendant light a unique, sparkling look that is different from competing products on the market. The pendant light comes standard with a powerful cube LED remote control light source discreetly mounted within the pendant base out of sight. Available in a variety of lengths, the fiber is perfect for almost any setting, be it home or commercial. Customize the corresponding fiber optic chandelier according to the actual situation, and the size is not limited.

Fiber Optic Chandelier with unique designs bring a a luxurious style and class that only Fiber Optic Chandelier can meet your requirements.Made from Side Sparkle Fiber Optics, Optical fibers are attached to the Crystals and combined with High Power Light Engine.Color changing effect with multiple modes, Remote control.

If you require a specific chandelier to fit into a space with exact dimensions its not a problem, just let us know the details, we often work from sketches, diagrams or photos.

Product Pictures

Product Pictures

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