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Fiber Optic Ceiling Panel Studio Application

A stunning, ready-made night sky starlight display complete with multiple sized twinkling stars giving a beautiful natural and realistic star-field display using our top quality, tried and tested optical fibre and efficient, long lasting LED light engine.

Create a starry night effect with these fiber optic ceiling panels. The stars change colors and are controlled by the fiber optic light source (included), which must be mounted above the ceiling. Everything comes pre-assembled and installs in minutes! In a small room, you can enjoy the entire starry sky ceiling. The effect is fantastic!

Optical fiber star sky ceiling is widely used: used in indoor ceiling decoration, audio-visual rooms, KTV, hotels, clubs, home decoration, private theaters, cinemas, etc. Create a warm and strange atmosphere!

The starry sky roof is a customized product, which can be processed according to your favorite group size. One piece of standard polyester panel 600*600*9mm. Custom panels are available. All panels can be mounted adjacent one another.

You only need to provide the specific ceiling area and basic structure, and we will design and arrange the installation location and quantity of the starry sky module and the location of the fiber optic machine and calculate the specific price.

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