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The material of the beautiful starlight swimming pool is it
Multiple strings of end-light optical fibers can be used for indoor and outdoor lighting, with 7 color lighting changes and various lighting styles.

The diameter of optical fiber is generally 0.75mm, and the number of cores is a multiple of 7. Optical fiber cables are available in 7, 14, 21, 28, 35, and 42 strand types. Multi-stranded end-launch cables consist of multiple strands of polymer fibers surrounded by a protective sheath to provide mechanical protection.

The material of the starry sky swimming pool uses optical fiber cables, which can be multi-core or single-core optical cables.

Laying the fiber optic cable at the bottom of the swimming pool and combining it with the light source engine can create a romantic and beautiful swimming pool with twinkling stars.

In addition to swimming pools, it can also be applied to fiber optic starry ceilings, fiber optic chandeliers and other projects that require end lighting.