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Fiber Optic Light Kit
Swimming Pool Star Light Kits
The fibre optic lighting kits are safe for use in wet and humid areas as no heat or electricity is present in the fibre optics or fittings. This kind of optical fiber lighting kit contains end glow fibre optic bundles. The lamp holder is buried at the bottom of the pool in advance, and the light source is connected to change the star effect of different colors and patterns. It is suitable for the twinkling stars of the swimming pool.
  • Item NO.:GFE

  • Product Origin:Jiangsu, China

  • Power:120W

  • Lighting Colour:RGB

  • Remote Control:IR/RF

  • Application:Swimming pool star light

  • Fiber Material:PMMA

  • Light Source Type:LED

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Product Details

14*0.75mm Fiber Optic Cable

What is Fiber Optic Lighting?


Fiber optic lighting uses fiber optic cables as a “light tube,” transmitting light from an illuminator through the fiber cables to shine the light and show the color you choose.


Fiber Optic cables are placed in a random design within your floor, patio, paver, or even concrete. An illuminator carries light from the box through the cables and up to the pinpoint of the fiber cable to a “Star” that actually twinkles. The illuminator can carry any color light through the cable.


The tiny Fiber Optic points emit low light levels sufficient for a night light in Clubs, Restaurants, Hospital MRI Rooms, Children’s Rooms, Home Theaters, and Casinos.


The LED fiber optic light kit include either a single or dual 12VAC, 5 watt light sources with a 25 or 50 point fiber optic transmission system for gunite pools or other concrete based features such as pool bottom, decks, outdoor seating, bar tops, etc. The low voltage LED light sources are now mounted in a corrosion proof, wall or post mounted enclosure for easier access. The LED star pool light kit can also customize the fiber length for more flexible application and installation.


One of our most popular ways of using fiber optic stars is the bottom of pools or spas using our pool light kits. Lighting can be incorporated into your living space to make space have a soul. Our light kit can make any surface out of this world.

It would be helpful to have the following information ready for discussion:

  • Size of the star field (in square feet)
  • Star density (number of stars per quare foot)
  • The light source storage location

Product Pictures

Application for Fiber Optic Light Kit:

  • Star Floors in swimming pools
  • Paver Lighting
  • Perimeter Fiber
  • Accent Lighting for Pools
  • Accent Lighting for Spas
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Star Ceiling Custom Kits
  • Cove Lighting
  • Step Lighting


Nanjing Giant is an industry leader in fiber optic lighting solutions. We offer high-quality products that bring life to pools and spas, highlight landscaping features, and illuminate hard-to-reach areas. Our Fiber Star kits are a perfect solution for your home or business. The Fiber Optic Stars Sparkle and dance on any surface, your Pool Floor, any Patio with Pavers, it’s perfect for a Home Theather. It can be applied to the Walls, Ceilings, and Floors. These unique lighting kits will make a smashing first impression to visitors and clients.


Not only does Nanjing Giant offer the products you need to provide illumination for any situation, we also offer fiber optic lighting design to help you personalize any lighting project. Whether you’re looking for lighting solutions for a home or commercial setting, Nanjing Giant  can help you design a plan that is tailored to your situation. We offer free consultation services to ensure that you’re getting the right products to match your personal lighting dreams. If you can imagine it, we’ll do our best to make it a reality.

Installation Instructions

STEP 1: Put the fiber optic cables into a pipe and bury it under the swimming pool.

STEP 2: Pull the fiber optic cables to the wished location.

STEP 3: Mark the tail end of each fiber optic cable.

STEP 4: All cables have been set.

STEP 5: Cover the fiber optic cable by cement.

Our Factory

Nanjing Giant Technology Co., Ltd. professionally makes and markets plastic optical fibers, glass optical fibers, optical fiber lamps, and various green lights & lamps, specializing in universal non-communication optical fibers. Our running mission: technology based and market oriented. Our quality products have been exported to Europe, the USA, Africa and the Middle East.


Q: How long is the warranty?
A: One year. 
Q: How to install?
A: The installation is simple, please contact customer service for installation drawings. 
Q: Can it be customized?
A: Yes, contact customer service to customize different patterns, sizes, light-emitting patterns, fiber lengths, etc. 
Q: Are there samples?
A: Contact customer service to put forward your request.
Q: How long is the delivery period and how long will it take to receive it?
A: Generally it can be completed in about two weeks, depending on the customized product. 
Q: How about after-sales?
A: If there is a problem, we will provide replacement parts.

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